Mike Lindell just totally lost what little was left of the plot

One of the most significant falls from grace regarding Trumpism is that of Mike Lindell. Lindell was at one time a breezy and animated guy who stuck to talking about what he knew about — pillows. But that ended as he became more and more enmeshed in the web of Trump venom.

But there hasn’t been much news about Lindell lately. Perhaps he found his sanity? Perhaps he gave up the crazy? The answer to that question is no, he has not given up the crazy. Lindell is as out of control as ever, frantically spouting off about things he knows absolutely nothing about.

The latest news about Lindell is that he is suing the January 6 committee, which is seeking his phone records. Lindell does not want to give them up without a fight. I wonder why. (sarcasm.) And he has added Alan Dershowitz to his legal team. This news cannot possibly surprise anyone who has followed Dershowitz. Where there is controversy, there is Dershowitz. The attorney can always be counted on to insert himself into all things slimy.

And Lindell is still talking. Like a loopy wind-up doll that chatters on, he seemingly cannot stop the crazy. His latest claim is that he has uncovered evidence that could put millions of people in prison — 300 million to be exact. Lindell promised that he has “all the pieces of the puzzle.”


In reality, the only thing Lindell has is madness. It shines brightly, pouring over him, and the man seems unable or perhaps unwilling to shake himself free. Lindell has also said he plans to launch his own social media site, which, if it actually happens, will most likely go the way of GETTR. It really would be so lovely if Lindell had friends — confidantes — around him who were sane enough to tell the man that he needed help. Perhaps they have. Maybe the same thing happened with Lindell that seems to occur with most Trumpers, and that is this: “They would not listen, they did not know how,
Perhaps they never will.” – Don Mclean

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