Donald Trump just doesn’t have the numbers to survive this

August 13th is the date for imaginary reinstatement of Donald Trump as President of the United States. Also, if you believe the August 13th date, know that Ivanka is a great businesswoman who works, Trump Jr. is definitely not on drugs, and Eric and Lara live very clean lives while grifting off of kids with cancer. The lies go on and on. And their thousands of CPAC followers eat every one of them.

Yes, you got that right. There were merely thousands of people at the CPAC conference bathing in the toxic oil of Trump’s lies and that’s not enough to win him an election in a high school let alone go against the 82 million and growing who are voting against this crime family. While it’s not time to rest on our laurels, things are definitely evolving. When a hotel in deep red Orange County rejects Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene from speaking there and even CPAC attendees are remarking how batsh*t the attendees are at this year’s CPAC, the Republican Party has got itself a big problem. The Republican anti-science, culture war party is now up against the Dems who are now the pro-business, common sense party. And it’s beautiful.


This is why they’re so desperate to enact legislation to make it harder to vote. It’s the only way they can hold onto power. They simply don’t have the numbers on their side, and they know it. If they can keep Dems (read: Blacks, Hispanics, single moms, anyone with an economic pressure on them so they will give up before waiting 6 hours to vote) then they win. It’s revealing of their character, their morals and their faith that this is their platform. Vote them all out. And prosecute them for their crimes to the fullest extent of the law.

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