Donald Trump is twisting


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Malignant narcissists always, at some point, show the people around them who they really are. Donald Trump’s been showing us for years now — for an eternity. I’ve covered Trump’s tantrums, his diatribes, and his useless, senseless mental breakdowns. But I must say — few of them have been as utterly evil, as sinister, as horrifying as what went on Saturday night.

I would venture to guess Saturdays are a time of rest and relaxation for most people. For Trump, this past Saturday was a time to show us — all of us — just how he regards women.

“So cool to watch her twist.” Donald Trump had women on his mind Saturday. And he gave us a window into his thoughts about women in what could only be described as the multiple posts from hell. Among the women Trump lashed out at:

Alyssa Farah

Kaitlin Collins

Hillary Clinton

Members of “The View.”

Trump posted what seemed to be a meme; only the meme was altered. It showed the traitor’s face superimposed over “Daft Punk.” Daft Punk was supposed to be playing drums only…

There were no drums.

There were heads.

There were heads of the women I mentioned above superimposed; instead of drums.

It was gruesome. It was like a horrible criminal mind episode coming to life. It wasn’t a joke, and it was a horrifying and disgusting look inside the mind of an insane person.

Griffin seemed to catch Trump’s ire the most, with the psycho posting a video of her after the Daft Punk post. He also included these words: “So cool to watch her twist.”

It was repulsive and showed the death spiral Trump’s mind is in. We did warn that as Trump got closer to doomsday, ( indictment day), he would behave more erratically, but this was shocking even by Trump standards. I would hope that CNN, in particular, would come out and demand an apology for Kaitlin Collins. I would hope the GOP would demand apologies for everyone. But they won’t.


Because for them, this was just another Saturday night, another weekend of a demonic force playing out his dark fantasies on truth social, another day for republicans to shrug their sliders and pretend it has nothing to do with them, another day where this “political party” says nothing — nothing at all.



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