Donald Trump is out of gas

I begin this article with an important question to our readers. What happens when three Court Judges, normal Judges who who follow the rule of law, hand down a decision, and this decision follows the rule of law?

The answer to that question is: A traitor melts down. The control circuit of Donald Trump’s mainframe has been corroded, and the system is shutting down. The input/output has begun to malfunction in a spectacularly bizarre way. Isn’t it wonderful?

The words did not come directly from the decrepit and failing piece of orange machinery. Instead, they came from Trump’s spokesperson, who is eerily beginning to sound EXACTLY like Trump.

“Without complete immunity, a president of the United States would not be able to properly function.” He’s frozen in time, readers. He’s starting to run on rinse and repeat.

“Deranged Jack Smith’s prosecution for his presidential official acts is unconstitutional!” Now WHO does that sound like? WHO do you suppose whispered in the ear of this spokesperson?

Time for a reboot, I think. This will likely not be the end of it. Not at all. Trump just lost bigly. This was a huge one for him and he likely knows it. Therefore, I expect many a ketchup bottle to fly through the air tonight in a certain home in Florida. After all, there are still looms in the distance. Truth Social and Donald Trump need to get out all that smoldering rage at losing in court yet again.