Donald Trump is bluffing

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We all really need to stop handing Donald Trump leverage by pretending he somehow magically has a path to the White House. That’s not a thing at this point, and even he knows it. His “2024 campaign” play is to rake in money and feel beloved until he’s indicted, at which point he knows his life will be over.

“But if he’s reelected he’ll just pardon himself and eliminate the DOJ!” No, that’s really not a thing. Special Counsel appointment means he’ll be indicted within a month or three. The 2024 election is two years away. The 2024 election is not mere months away, in spite of how much media hype it’s getting.

Once you’re indicted for espionage and/or similar charges, your life becomes about bail officers, trial preparation, getting convicted, and going to prison. As an obvious practical matter, you cannot just magically put together a serious presidential campaign while you’re going down for espionage. That’s just so blindingly obvious.

Yet the media has spent all year trying to brainwash everyone into believing that 1) Trump has magic powers, 2) the DOJ has let Trump off the hook, and 3) the 2024 election is a few months from now. At this point it can be difficult to psychologically process the factual reality of just how cornered Trump is.

Meanwhile even Trump (or whoever is making his decisions for him these days) understands that there are no 2024 prospects for him. It’s why he hasn’t even hired a campaign manager. It’s why his kids didn’t show up for his fake campaign announcement. None of it’s even real.

You want to weaken Trump? You want to finish him off? Laugh in his face and call out his 2024 “campaign” for being a desperate cash grab from a guy whose life is over and who will be in a cell long before 2024. Take away the leverage he’s trying to gain by pretending he’s running.

Trump has spent all day frantically ranting about the Special Counsel, because he knows what it means: his indictment and arrest are coming sooner rather than later. And that indictment will turn the rest of his life into garbage. He’ll hate every minute of his life from then on.

Donald Trump wants you to all to be out there yelling “Oh no, what if Trump wins in 2024, we’ll all be doomed!” He’s trying to sell the notion that his supposed 2024 campaign is somehow magically going to last that long, that he’s actually going to be a viable candidate, and that this isn’t just a cash grab stunt ahead of his indictment. Why would we give Trump what he wants? That just lets him sell it more. Laugh in his face instead. Trump is bluffing, and the best way we can help finish him off is to call his bluff accordingly.

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