Donald Trump is angry

I find the art of colors absolutely fascinating. All colors have their own beauty, and in Ancient times, and even in modern times, many believe different colors symbolize various emotions and feelings. For example, my favorite color is turquoise. Turquoise is a breathtakingly enchanting color that I associate with the ocean. Turquoise is also associated with love and tranquility. What color do you suppose surrounds the orange menace right now?

I believe the answer to that is black — the color associated with fear and the unknown and also bright red — which symbolizes rage. I believe right now, our freak of a former President is feeling much of both. Why is that? Well, it is being reported that Trump is instructing his sycophants and fellow freaks to ignore all subpoenas from the January Sixth committee.

Assolini is angry. Can’t you just imagine him storming around Mar-A-Lago in red-hot fury? I am sure that has happened and may even be happening as I write this. This is going to backfire on Trump, and I will tell you why I believe this. First off — and I know some disagree with me — this is all GOOD NEWS. Let me explain.

As I have said, I want this to be a long and drawn-out process. I want the hearings to be still going on in 2022. I want the undecided voters to SEE and to WITNESS this obstruction. I want them to understand the GOP has not changed and cannot change.

The middle will hate this. They have shown their distaste for law-breakers. Believe me, if criminal referrals are made, which they likely will be, and this gets dragged out through the Mid-Terms, the party it benefits is us.


And you can bet all GOP members running will be asked about the hearings in debates — as long as we get competent debate referees. So, I say that the color the January Sixth committee should be associated with is Gold. Gold is for winners — winners like all of us!

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