Donald Trump is about to have a very bad June

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The month of June, the songs Greensleeves and Donald Trump are all on my mind very much. Politics is a strange and wonderful thing. And as we head into the waning days of May and prepare to welcome in June and sunlit days, something FELLS different in politics.

We’ve waited for punishment for the traitor for ever so long now. The punishment began with Alvin Bragg. Will the misty days of June bring more indictments? It’s certainly possible. There are millions waiting expectantly, just like you and I. We all want to see Trump punished for his betrayal.

Betrayal. Is there anything worse in life than betrayal — Donald Trump has betrayed many, and the aura of fake armor he pretends to have, which he thinks makes him infallible is about to betray him. Because it’s not real.

Greensleeves you are likely familiar with. The English folk song is timeless, its chords haunting, and the song has been used by many to represent betrayal since that is the central theme of the song– the betrayal of Lady Green Sleeves.

Greensleeves is a song of summer — summer and betrayal. Perhaps this is why the song is repeating in my mind. For who — WHO — is a more apt symbol of the treachery of betrayal than Donald John Trump?

His perfidy and deception were always going to land him in hot water. How could they not? You simply CAN’T — You CANNOT — betray as many, darken as many hearts, hurt as many humans as Donald John Trump without Karma rearing its ugly head.

Reports are coming fast and furious that Jack Smith has enough to indict. Many brilliant legal minds are saying it is a question of weeks — not months. Perhaps that is why our traitor has been particularly off the walls lately, screaming about world war Three and insulting his enemies with frightening regularity.

Reports are pouring in even as I write these words that Federal prosecutors have evidence Trump was warned that he could not retain the stolen documents. He was put on notice – specifically told NO, and he did it anyway.

Yes, something feels different as we head into the month of June. Something feels more tangible. The die feels like it’s been cast. The case against Donald Trump is beginning to take shape. The dominoes are beginning to fall. The swelling of Greensleeves is getting louder in my mind. Trump’s tangents are becoming wilder. Darker. More ominous.

I cannot say for sure, of course. I’m not psychic. But friends — readers — stay with me on this — do you not feel it too? Do you not feel an ever-so-gentle feeling of exultation? I think it’s only a matter of time now — and not much.

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