Donald Trump: “I could be locked up for life!”

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“I could be locked up for life!”

“I should be campaigning across America!”

“Instead, I’m stuck in Biden’s corrupt court AGAIN.”

“Alvin Bragg just threatened to throw me in jail!”

“They want to lock me up!”

“Crooked Joe Biden, Alvin Bragg and the entire HATE AMERICA DEEP STATE!”

“I hope this isn’t my last message.” (We do.)

“We will never surrender.”

These words and many others just like them are being used in campaign fundraising emails to donors and voters in America. I even received one myself! (Yes, I’m signed up—keep your enemies close.)

This manipulative, stupid gibberish comes straight from the horse’s mouth — the Trump campaign who are trying like hell to manipulate voters to get some money. I must admit I particularly enjoyed the “I could be locked up for life” mention. Let us hope these words are prophetic.

These sorts of emails have been fired off daily. Trump, not one to miss ANY opportunity to get his meaty little hands on the green stuff, appears desperate and crazy in these emails.

Trump is using his situation to try to get wealthy donors, small donors, and all donors to reach for their wallets and give him some money. I’ve got news for Trump. None of these emails are going to help him.

That’s a heck of a lot of money he needs, and I doubt he will come close to getting the amount he wants. But I will admit it is fun to watch Trump grovel. After all, a man and his money do not part easily. Trump has got to be stewing about the civil judgments against him as well as his criminal trial.

Speaking of criminal trials, it looks like opening statements will happen soon. If you, like this writer, are signed up for Trump’s emails, expect them to take on a tone of increased desperation, self-pity, and pleading. Isn’t it just delicious?

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