Donald Trump has complete meltdown over what the FBI has done to him


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On Monday morning, 9/19/2022, many unlucky members of Truth Social were treated to an epic rant by an unhinged orange monster. Donald Trump seemed to be spoiling for a fight. And it’s no wonder. New reports say his poll numbers are plunging downward. His rally had vacant seats all. And he’s been reduced to palling around with QAnon members while the Department of Justice investigates him for espionage.

It’s not been a good month for the traitor. And Trump has been becoming more and more infuriated over the FBI search at Mar-A-Lago. So this meltdown really wasn’t THAT much of a surprise. In a hysterical rant, Trump went off on the FBI for -not being clean enough to enter Mar-A-lago?

Yes, that is exactly what he did. First, Trump once again said the FBI had no right to even be there, although, of course, they have that right.

But then Trump inexplicably began criticizing the FBI for being messy. Saying the place (Mar-A-lago) would “never be the same,” Trump proceeded to accuse the feds of “ransacking” it. And then he added something. “They didn’t even take off their shoes in my bedroom. Nice!!!’

I so love the melodramatic three exclamation points. It does add something. I cannot imagine the FBI, in the middle of their raid, turning to reach others and saying: “Man. Everybody should probably remove their shoes.” I think the FBI had other things on their minds.

My feeling is this is the LEAST of the traitor’s problems. Trump should really be worrying about more important things like how he will deal with wearing an orange jumpsuit 24 hours a day and how it is unlikely that he will be able to get chicken nuggets from McDonald’s from behind bars.

But then again, Trump’s never been exactly smart. If the shoe fits… So it’s a lousy start of the week for Donald Trump in a week that probably will not bode well for him, just as last week didn’t. I have the feeling that the next few weeks will be pretty miserable for him as well.


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