Donald Trump has become a danger to himself and others

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“Danger to himself or others.” If a person is deemed a danger to themselves or others, they can be isolated. Taken. Thrown behind bars. Donald Trump knows that. The question is — what will he do about it?

As we get closer to the indictment, Trump has worried many by calling for protests — same as he did in what turned out to be an insurrection. We will not have an insurrection this time, people. New York is primed. New York is ready. I’ve yet to see a city as strong as the big apple.

They’re tough as nails. After all — this is the city that’s been through 9/11. Believe me; they can handle a little orange Dorito like Trump. But there WILL be rules. Whoever the Judge is will see to that. And Donald Trump will have to follow these rules. The question is — can he?

Ah, that is the million-dollar question, the gleaming question ready to be taken on. Because if Trump does NOT follow the rules — he could see his bail revoked.

Donald Trump will undoubtedly be a free man until trial. After he is indicted, he will get his freedom. The question is — can he keep it?

Not if he continues to do stupid things like call for protests. This could be deemed as a danger to others. And it would be.

Believe me; I’d love to see Trump thrown into a cell. However, unless he does something VERY stupid, he likely will walk the streets a free man after his arrest. Unless. Until. Who knows.

The Donald ALWAYS does something stupid. Can’t you hear the voices eating away at him even now? Can’t you FEEL how much he wants to cause insanity and chaos? Don’t do it, Donald. This is the big leagues now. Donald Trump is no powerful despot. He’s just a commoner — a common man.

And you’d better believe that if he does ANYTHING to incite violence after his arrest, his ass will be thrown in the clink.

And you’d better believe that New York’s got this. And TRUMP had better believe that all it takes is one slip-up, one tiny impulse — and he may just be kissing sweet freedom goodbye sooner than he thought.

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