Donald Trump goes completely berserk as it all goes wrong for him

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I’ll never forget the day President Biden was declared the winner of the 2020 Presidential election. Everyone, including flocks of birds from high above, seemed to erupt into song. People frolicked with delight, dancing, forgetting themselves as love returned to the White House after a four-year exile.

I’m sure you remember the cities alight with joy, with people throwing their joyousness out to the world. New York. Philadelphia. Los Angeles. Now, we can have four more years of this kind of joy. And it’s driving his royal doomsday crazy.

Trump thinks he can bully his way out of his predicament. That might be why he kinda sorta threatened blackmail of Biden on Truth Social.
Trump posted that, without immunity, any president can be indicted after leaving office, even if they did nothing illegal.

Typical Trump garbage. But look at this: “Obama, Bush, and SOON, Crooked Joe Biden would all be in prison.” Wow. Tell me, Mr. Trump, do you think your foolish threats will move the needle in your direction? If you DO, you’re even more of an idiot than we’ve given you credit for.

One of the reasons we celebrated on that beautiful day I spoke about earlier is because we KNEW that we were getting a President who lives by the law of the land. This country does not want Donald Trump anymore.
There is nothing Trump can say to change his circumstances.

Does he think President Biden FEARS him? President Biden, a man who has come face to face with more adversity than most, President Biden, who loves this country and fears nothing, including widely inappropriate rantings from a traitor on Truth Social?

The truth is that Obama is not going to jail. Neither is Biden. The only former President (Gosh, how I hate that he was!) who is meeting with the pokey is Donald John Trump — the worst President ever seen in our country.

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