Donald Trump goes bonkers as it sinks in that he’s about to be criminally indicted

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Now that Donald Trump is about to be indicted for espionage, which will finish off what little was left of his hope for a future, Trump is suddenly threatening to impeach Mitch McConnell. But Senators can’t even be impeached. So what is Trump even doing by spouting these kinds of bonkers imaginary threats?

As it becomes more obvious to Trump that he’s finished in this lifetime, he’s saying these things to try to convince himself he’s more powerful than ever. If he can convince himself that he can magically impeach Senators, then he must be too powerful to be taken down by criminal charges, right? He’s trying to comfort himself with fantasies on his way down, and he’s doing it out loud in the hope that we’ll get baited into going along with his fantasies. The proper response from us is to laugh in Trump’s face, and laugh loudly, so he (and those still supporting him) are constantly reminded that Trump is indeed finished.

Trump holds no office, has no ability to do anything to you, has no ability to imminently get back into office, and has no ability to stop himself from being indicted and convicted and imprisoned. It was all over for him two years ago. Now he’s being finished off. And he knows it. Don’t let him forget it.

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