Domestic terrorism and the 2022 midterms

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Terrorism is all around us. We see it in more places than we might initially realize. There is a common belief among many that terrorism only involves the physical. But this is just not true.

Terrorism is essentially the act of instilling fear. The terrorists want to make their targeted individuals afraid to live their lives. They want to bring down and stop America’s vitality. They want to see America fail.

And they want to see each and every American fail as well — at least the ones who are not like them. We are indeed in a war — good against evil. And many of the terrorists are Americans — our people. We see it in the red-hot rage which was on full display when our beloved Capitol was attacked.

We see it at the school board meetings where fury leaps from indoctrinated parents as they release their rage, raw and unfettered.

These parents are not expressing a point of view. They are not politely explaining themselves. They are stalking other parents. They are making threats. They are out of control, infused with the desire to lash out at what they perceive as the enemy.

We see it in the masked individuals, some of whom have been attacked by angry anti-maskers who cannot contain themselves. We saw it in New York City when a server was beaten for merely doing her job.

We see it in pundits on Fox-death news who delight in planting propaganda into the minds of brain-washed viewers, turning them into caricatures, while the pundits’ wallets grow thicker with each passing day.

It IS a battle of good versus evil. Terrorism is all around us. But please have hope because there are many more of us than them. THIS is why we must win in 2022. THIS is why we must use our activism for good — this is why we have to fight with every fiber of our beings.

Good will triumph, but we have to know what we are fighting. The opposite of evil is love. And we can never stop doing good. We must never lose our goodness and our ability to fight for love and human decency.

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