Here’s how to do Donald Trump’s impeachment right

For me, it was never about a fight between what was “right and wrong.” I grew up appreciating doing the correct thing without differentiating it was the correct decision. Thankfully, for me, my parents steered me in the direction of always doing what is best for humanity. While this is not always the case, it was an important lesson on learning the difference between doing what’s best for me and doing what’s best for the whole group.

I was reminded of this philosophy today during a phone call with my dad. As I explained to him that I appreciated everything Speaker Pelosi was doing, I continued with my desire that she would begin the impeachment of Donald Trump. While we both agreed that Trump absolutely deserved to be impeached in the House, and removed by the Senate, we came to the conclusion that the latter was not likely to occur.

Of course the House could impeach Trump at any time for any number of impeachable offenses. That fact remained with me while my dad explained it would not do much to alter the public view of Trump, regardless of his multitude of crimes, easily exceeding the bar of High Crimes and Misdemeanors.

The fact that Trump is the most illegitimate and corrupt president changes nothing. He could easily be impeached, but the results for that impeachment are not currently known. As my father stated, of course we want him gone, but the American public is not yet as educated on his criminality to the point that they would support such actions.

While my father prefers the course of action currently espoused by Speaker Pelosi, one in which we wait to ensure the public understands the full effects of Trump’s treason, I am favoring a more succinct outcome. I suppose we come from two different generations: one that wants to ensure justice is carried out appropriately, and another that just wants it done correctly to save America.

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