We told you Donald Trump’s new “deal” with Mexico was a fraud

Yesterday, Donald Trump announced that Mexico had caved to his immigration demands at the last minute, meaning he wouldn’t have to go ahead with punitive tariffs on Monday that would crippled the economies of Mexico and the United States. Last night Palmer Report pointed out why this was obviously a fraud from top to bottom, that there was no new deal, that Trump hadn’t gained anything, and that Mexico had essentially called his bluff. Now that’s been confirmed.

The Trump regime and Mexico actually agreed on this new deal months ago, according to a new expose today from the New York Times. In other words, Trump’s threat of tariffs was every bit as much of a bluff as we all knew it was. He was simply staging a phony conflict so he could then falsely claim that he won the standoff.

Moreover, this prearranged “deal” doesn’t appear to require Mexico to actually do anything about immigration that it wasn’t already doing. So Trump has indeed gotten literally no concessions from Mexico of any kind. He struck this phony deal in secret so he could then make a phony threat about tariffs, so he could then announce the phony deal and claim that he won.

This kind of fraudulent garbage is what we’ve come to expect from Donald Trump. Here’s what may be different this time. With this phony deal, he’s basically declared that he’s “fixed” immigration. Yet most of his political rhetoric is based on overhyping the situation at the border and demonizing immigrants. If he’s selling his base on the idea that immigration is no longer a problem because he’s magically fixed it, how will he be able to turn around and campaign on the premise that immigrants are still coming to ruin the lives of his racist voters? Trump may have backed himself into a corner with this one.

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