Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman and Jennifer Williams managed to deliver their televised House impeachment testimony earlier today, despite various efforts to derail them on the part of Donald Trump and his allies. But these attacks on the witnesses just keep getting more disgusting – and more criminal in nature.

Even though Donald Trump hasn’t used his own Twitter account to attack and/or threaten today’s witnesses, the White House used its official Twitter account to try to smear and intimidate Vindman in various ways. During Vindman’s testimony, the White House tweeted a quote from Tim Morrison, questioning Vindman’s judgment.

Let’s be clear here, this tweet was a felony. Whoever in the White House posted this tweet, along with whoever authorized this tweet, is now guilty of felony witness tampering – and will go to prison once Trump has been finished off. If Trump knew about the tweet, it’ll add even more years to his eventual prison sentence. It’s also nothing short of disgusting.

This comes after Donald Trump’s lowlife House Republican puppets tried to baselessly question Colonel Vindman’s loyalty to the United States, simply because he’s an immigrant. Trump and his bottom feeding pieces of excrement just keep finding new ways to scrape bottom. These people aren’t human.

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