Michael Flynn’s dirt on Donald Trump begins surfacing – and it’s ugly

Last week Special Counsel Robert Mueller recommended that Michael Flynn receive no prison time, despite the seriousness of Flynn’s numerous crimes, because Flynn had been just that helpful in taking down bigger fish (translation: Donald Trump and others). The frustrating part was that Mueller blacked out nearly all of Flynn’s cooperation. But now some of Flynn’s dirt is surfacing.

For instance, it turns out Michael Flynn wasn’t just in contact with the Russian Ambassador, trying to sabotage U.S. sanctions against Russia, as we’ve long known. Now we’re learning, thanks to Mother Jones, that Flynn was communicating with the Ambassador during the election as well. This means Flynn’s Kremlin communications weren’t some fly by night reaction to worsening post-election sanctions; this was a core part of the Trump campaign’s election strategy, and people like Donald Trump and Mike Pence had to have known.

We still don’t know what they were talking about, but Robert Mueller does, because Flynn obviously gave him this information a year ago when he cut his deal. But there’s more. Earlier today the Daily Beast revealed that after the new year, Robert Mueller will roll out evidence connecting the Trump campaign financially to nations like Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. The centerpiece of the article: Michael Flynn.

This kind of thing can’t be a coincidence. Now that the SDNY has given the public a week to chew on the fact that Donald Trump cheated in the election by committing domestic felonies like paying out hush money, Robert Mueller appears to be laying the groundwork for exposing that Trump also cheated by committing international felonies. Look for more Flynn-related leaks of this type in the coming days and weeks, before Mueller drops the hammer in the new year.