Yep, Jared Kushner is going to prison

Jared Kushner will go to prison. Over the past couple days, Donald Trump’s former fixer Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to facilitating illegal hush money payments to Trump’s former mistresses on Trump’s behalf. He also publicly stated on ABC News that Trump’s previous denials of knowledge of such payments are simply blatant lies. While most in the media continue to dispute whether this constitutes an impeachment worthy offense, it has become obvious that Cohen’s statements will only continue to hurt Trump.

It has now been confirmed by multiple sources that Donald Trump was present in the room, along with Cohen and David Pecker – publisher and chief executive of AMI (the publisher of the National Enquirer) – discussed the terms of paying off Trump’s mistresses. In any other (normal) administration, this revelation of wrongdoing would be enough to immediately trigger articles of impeachment.

Following the departure of Cohen from Trump’s team of lawyers, it appears Kushner received the promotion of his new fixer. According to a new report by the Daily Beast, Kushner’s ascension to the role of fixer actually began prior to the complete fallout between Trump and Cohen. Despite the recordings proving Trump’s desperation to pay off women with whom he had affairs, it turns out Trump did not place all of his confidence in Cohen.

According to the Daily Beast article, “During the early months of the Trump era, Kushner performed the task admirably, discussing with Pecker various issues over the phone, including everything from international relations to media gossip.” It appears that while Kushner was pretending to work on Middle East peace, along with the opioid epidemic, he found his time was best spent covering for and protecting his father in law’s crimes. With everything that we now know, there is a high probability that Kushner regrets his actions. Luckily, for those who appreciate justice, regret is not enough to keep Kushner from prison.