Donald Trump tries to distract from shutdown by leaking dirt about his own cabinet members

Polls show that the bulk of the American people are squarely blaming Donald Trump for the government shutdown, which occurred after he kept bailing on budget deals that he’d made with various groups of legislators. He’s so dejected about it, he’s wandering the White House wearing a trench coat and a baseball cap, according to the photos released by his own staff. He’s also trying to create a distraction from the shutdown by leaking dirt about his own cabinet members.

First came the leak this weekend that Trump’s Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross is losing a step mentally and keeps falling asleep in meetings, according to a new Axios report (link). However, while this is a new leak, it’s not a new story. Trump reportedly stopped relying on Ross months ago, after he became fed up with Ross’s worsening senility. So why is this story just now surfacing? Does someone have an axe to grind against Ross? No, because he’s not the only cabinet member suddenly being thrown under the bus.

Further down in that same Axios report is the revelation that Trump thinks his Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has gone off the rails as well. Zinke is supposedly just making up policy as he goes, and he’s creating legal liabilities for the administration in the process. So now we have insider dirt about two different Trump cabinet members, with both stories being told from Trump’s own point of view, in the same day. This is not a coincidence. Trump – or whoever is making decisions on his behalf at this point – is rather clearly leaking old dirt about his own cabinet members in an attempt at making them the story, in the hope that the media won’t spend as much time reporting on how the government shutdown is all his fault.

Here’s the scary part. Donald Trump has become so mentally vacant, it appears a number of decisions are being made without his involvement. So who’s running the government at this point? John Kelly? Stephen Miller? And is this person now going so far as to take out multiple cabinet members as a diversion? It’s entirely possible that Miller – a demented white supremacist – is running the presidency.

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