One of Donald Trump’s top remaining advisers keeps falling asleep in meetings

During his first year in the White House, most of Donald Trump’s top advisers have been fired or been forced to resign in controversy. Most of the departed have yet to be replaced, meaning that the sinking Trump administration is essentially being run by a skeleton crew. Now it turns out one of Trump’s top remaining advisers might as well be a skeleton, as he’s reportedly in mental decline and he keeps falling asleep in meetings.

Trump appointed his longtime friend Wilbur Ross to be his Secretary of Commerce. The move was controversial from the outset, due to Ross’s startling connections to Russian money laundering. Trump predictably relied on Ross to negotiate his trade deals, because hey, why not have the Kremlin dictating America’s international trade policy? But that hasn’t worked out particularly well, according to a new Axios report (link‘0. Trump has complained behind the scenes that the eighty-one year old Ross has “lost a step” or “lost a lot of steps” and doesn’t want him around anymore. It gets worse.

Ross has fallen asleep in so many important meetings, it’s become a running punchline. He’s basically done for the day by eleven in the morning, because that’s all he has left in the tank. So now we have yet another instance in which the Trump administration’s sheer ineptness is rivaled only by its sheer corruption. Ross was the Vice Chairman of Bank of Cyprus when it was helping Russia to launder huge amounts of money. Ross has also been deeply tied to Kremlin financial crime in the Paradise Papers.

In other words, not only is Wilbur Ross a Russian puppet, he’s also rapidly losing his mental faculties. Of course that’s more or less a precise description of Donald Trump as well. How many senile traitors do we need in the White House?

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