Did Allen Weisselberg just cut a deal against Donald Trump in Manhattan?

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Former Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg is no longer being represented by Donald Trump’s attorneys, per NBC News. This points to the possibility that Weisselberg has cut a deal with the Manhattan DA and is cooperating against Trump. Which would explain everything we’re seeing in Manhattan right now.

Weisselberg is currently sitting behind bars. It’s a short prison sentence but he is an elderly man. And it’s possible the DA threatened to bring broader charges against him, with additional prison time, to motivate him to flip. The New York Times did report last month that the DA was looking at the possibility of additional charges against Weisselberg.

If Weisselberg has flipped on Trump, it would explain why the DA didn’t meet with the grand jury and indict Trump today. Weisselberg would need to be prepped to testify, which – even if the charges aren’t being expanded – would take a little bit of time.

In addition, Weisselberg wouldn’t just be a witness in Trump’s campaign fraud case. It would open the door for the DA to charge Trump with tax fraud, insurance fraud, and so on. So the DA could now be expanding his case with Weisselberg on board.

Those are a lot of ifs. We don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes. But Trump has been paying Weisselberg’s legal bills for good reason. Weisselberg can single handedly put him in prison. Trump wouldn’t take the risk of deciding to just stop paying Weisselberg’s legal bills.

There has to be a major development behind the scenes that caused this. There are always other plausible explanations for this kind of thing. But Weisselberg flipping on Trump would seem to be the most likely. And this isn’t happening for no reason. Something happened.

Moreover, the media doesn’t learn about these kinds of things unless someone on the inside intentionally leaks them. Someone involved with this case has, for some specific reason, decided to let the media know today that Trump is no longer paying Weisselberg’s legal bills.

Weisselberg wouldn’t put this information out there. Trump seemingly wouldn’t put it out there either. That would logically leave Bragg. And if this came from him, it’s because he wants everyone to know that his case isn’t “dead,” it’s the opposite of dead.

This would represent a significant departure for Bragg, who up to now has mostly not given the media anything. But with all this media hysteria today over the grand jury hiatus, perhaps Bragg finally decided to take control of the narrative by leaking the Weisselberg news.

By the way, the political media – whose behavior typically ranges from immature to sociopathic – often does this kind of thing on purpose. It’ll gin up a nonsense story about how Bragg’s case is dead because of a grand jury hiatus, just to make a mess for Bragg, and force him to give them something to work with.

So bottom line, has Weisselberg flipped? We’ll have to wait for the next shoe to drop. If a major media outlet reports such a deal in the coming days, we’re all set. If Trump starts attacking Weisselberg on social media, that would be a pretty clear sign he’s flipped.

Even if Weisselberg has flipped, we still have no way of knowing if that means he’ll testify in the hush money case this Monday with an indictment at the end of the day, or if it means the Manhattan DA will be taking the time to indict Trump on much more serious charges when the grand jury returns at the end of April.

Again, we have no way of knowing for sure what just happened with Allen Weisselberg or why it happened. But we do know that something happened. This is a major development at a pivotal time. Now we just wait, perhaps days, perhaps hours, for the other shoe to drop so we can learn for certain what this really is. But it’s certainly not nothing.

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