Jim Jordan has deranged response to his worsening sexual abuse scandal

Republican Congressman Jim Jordan’s sexual abuse scandal continues to grow worse for him. He’s accused of having known that the team doctor was sexually abusing the athletes on the Ohio State University wrestling team he coached, and of having done nothing to try to stop it. Jordan claims he didn’t know about it, but Ohio State’s lawyers say they have evidence that they did inform him about it. As the pressure mounts on him to resign, Jordan is now responding to one of the victims in a manner that can only be described as deranged.

Mike DiSabato is one of the alleged sexual abuse victims. He and other members of the team have told the media that they informed Jim Jordan directly about the abuse, and that Jordan refused to do anything. Now, two different reports today paint a disturbing picture of Jim Jordan’s recent behavior toward DiSabato, as the scandal has spilled out into the open.

The Daily Beast reports that after DiSabato wrote a series of emails to Jim Jordan, he called the police and asked them to investigate DiSabato. These emails are being described as “vaguely threatening” but we’re not buying it. If the emails contained actual threats, Jordan would have made them public in order to make his case that he’s the real victim. Instead it seems more likely that DiSabato was merely threatening to go public, and Jordan is trying to falsely spin this into an actual threat against him. Jordan has already been caught lying about not having known about the accusations, so he has zero credibility in this. It gets worse.


If you’re not quite sure what to make of Jim Jordan calling the cops on Mike DiSabato, there’s another report today that should spell out just how viciously and derangedly Jordan is handling this. According to Brooke Baldwin of CNN, Jordan has his cousin going around to local media outlets and asking them to “look into” DiSabato. So this scandal is no longer merely about Jordan refusing to put a stop to the sexual abuse of the kids on the team he coached. It’s now about Jordan trying to punish one of the victims for having come forward.

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