Donald Trump’s deranged endgame

The blatant attempts by Donald Trump to sabotage President-elect Joe Biden are so clear that a blind person can see them. His frivolous lawsuits are going nowhere, and deep inside, he knows he is done. That is why he keeps doing things that will make Joe Biden’s job harder once he assumes the presidency. Trump’s behavior may well slow down or complicate the delivery of a vaccine that U.S. citizens so desperately need to begin to return to normal, and distribution of the vaccine is complicated on its own.

Trump has already decreased public trust in anything coming from the government. Consequently, his continued interference could hamper administration of the vaccine. President-elect Biden will have to create a “public trust” campaign to ensure that people get vaccinated. It is shameful that someone who calls himself “president” of our country is doing things to purposely harm us. As if interfering with the vaccine is not enough, the Guardian reported that Trump was considering striking Iran’s nuclear sites before he is ushered out of office. Iran will not sit idly by if Trump were to do such a thing. Trump would like nothing better than to start a war during his final days while undermining a coronavirus vaccine, which would leave the U.S. in turmoil and danger. He is despicable, though not as despicable as the people who continue to support and keep him in office.

The Guardian reported that Trump also wants to cut U.S. military presence in Afghanistan by almost half, making the experts who predicted the end of his presidency as the most dangerous look like prognosticators. Fortunately, Trump is being opposed in his crazy plans from every corner. According to the Hill, Mitch McConnell has openly warned Trump of the foolhardiness of his plans regarding Afghanistan and reminded Trump that he needs approval from Congress, which he is unlikely to receive. Indeed, U.S. News & World Report shared that several Republicans have spoken out about such a move, the most vocal of whom is Mac Thornberry (R-TX). Thornberry, the ranking member of the arms services committee, spoke about how foolish this action would be. “Increased military pressure brought the Taliban to the table,” said Thornberry. According to U.S. News, other Republicans back Thornberry’s position.


Trump has done nothing but wreak havoc on the U.S. since taking office. Now that he is out, he seems hell-bent on doing as much damage as he possibly can before he has no choice but to leave. Someone needs to get control over this man before he does something irreversible for which American citizens will pay for months and years to come. Surely, there is someone who can and will stand up to him. For all the years that America has been in existence, we have lived in fear that some crazy person would have his finger on the button that could end life as we know it. That crazy man is Donald Trump. For the sake of our country and our wellbeing, he must be stopped.

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