Donald Trump is falling down

– Donald Trump knew he needed to win reelection to keep his entire life from being destroyed. But he lost anyway. It’s a reminder that just because you’re evil and you need to make a certain thing happen, it doesn’t mean you have the ability to pull it off. None of these Republicans have magic wands. Not Trump, not McConnell, not any of them.

– Donald Trump has posted eight tweets in the past two hours, all of which have been slapped down by Twitter for being false. Why does this guy still have an account?

– Marco Rubio, who quotes Bible verses on Twitter all the time, is now criticizing Democratic candidate Raphael Warnock for quoting the Bible. That’s particularly rich, considering Warnock is an actual Reverend. You can donate to Warnock’s Georgia Senate runoff campaign here.

– One of the things I’m most looking forward to in 63 days: Trump’s immigrant concentration camps being liberated, and tons of Border Patrol and ICE agents being prosecuted for their crimes.


– Wait, GSA Administrator Emily Murphy is trying to paint herself as a sympathetic victim now? People are dying because she refuses to sign a piece of paper starting the transition. She’s literally murdering people while conspiring against the United States. Sympathy my ass. She deserves prison.

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