Democrats outperform in special elections in New York and Arizona

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With so many things currently going on, actions that in years past would be cause for massive outrage or take up weeks on the daily news cycle are now overlapping each other. It’s important to remember how important the 2018 midterm elections truly are. As we’ve previously documented, there are many reasons to believe that the Democrats are due for a Blue Wave to retake the House of Representatives this November. On Tuesday there were several elections across the country on different levels of government. In the New York State Senate special elections, Democrats won two seats, including a win by Steve Stern, who won a seat in a district that Republicans have held for four decades.

The biggest election of the night was in the 8th District of Arizona for a seat left empty by former Republican Congressman Trent Franks, who had to resign after allegations of offering illicit money to his aides to be a surrogate and become impregnated by him to produce a child.

Democrat Hiral Tipirneni ran an upstart campaign in the Arizona 8th but ended up losing by around five points. This single digit loss should put further fear in Republicans, as Donald Trump won this district by 21 points in 2016, and Mitt Romney won by 25 points in 2012.

This incredible shift in areas previously considered solid red appears to be putting Republicans on notice. GOP fundraisers pumped more than a million dollars into the Arizona election, despite knowing they would have to defend any win again in November. Despite this shift, many top anchors at Fox News appear to believe they can overcome any blue wave by simply running on Hillary Clinton’s emails. If Democrats are able to keep up this momentum, and I see no reason to say otherwise, there will certainly be a big blue wave in November.

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