For Donald Trump, this will be a December to forget

Imagine being such a screw-up in life that you’re President of the United States and you’re still in a far more precarious situation than the average American. Welcome to the life of Donald Trump, whose prospects are growing worse by the day, and who now has a whole lot more to lose than merely the presidency or an election. For Trump, this is going to be a December that he’ll wish he could forget.

For starters, Donald Trump is being impeached. Last week he mistakenly began celebrating the end of the House impeachment hearings, only to learn that more televised hearings are scheduled for this upcoming week. Polls continue to show that half or more of Americans want Trump impeached and removed from office. Trump’s presidency has unraveled into a Nixonian-level disaster, with the key exception being that Nixon didn’t face the prospect of being immediately arrested upon leaving office.

That’s right, even though the mainstream media is continuing to mostly overlook the fact that a New York grand jury is deep into the process of criminally indicting Donald Trump on state charges, that indictment process is still moving forward. State charges can’t be pardoned by any current or future president. Trump will be indicted and arrested; it’s just a matter of when and how.

But that’s down the road a bit. Donald Trump has enough problems coming this month alone. It seems likely that Rudy Giuliani’s arrest will take place before the month is over, and then Trump will face the impossible choice of admitting his own guilt to voters by pardoning Rudy, or sitting on his hands as a spurned Rudy decides to admit Trump’s guilt for him. Trump is also facing an upcoming NATO summit that will go poorly for him, because these things always do, and by the way did we mention he’s being impeached? By the end of December, Trump will be wishing this month never happened. He’s already surely wishing his presidency never happened.

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