Rudy Giuliani caught butt-dialing yet another reporter

Rudy Giuliani has a problem – and we’re not just talking about the fact that a federal grand jury is targeting him for indictment on a wide swath of criminal charges. On top of facing arrest and a very long prison sentence, Rudy has a different kind of problem: he’s recklessly incriminating himself faster than the Feds can.

Last month Rudy Giuliani accidentally butt-dialed an NBC News reporter and unwittingly left a voicemail in which he admitted he was broke and needed money for his next con, while seemingly dragging two of his associates into the mess by name. Legal experts opined that the voicemail would likely be used as evidence by federal investigators. You’d think maybe Rudy would learn from this, but no. He just butt-dialed another reporter.

Rudy accidentally butt-dialed reporter Casey Michel over the weekend, and ended up accidentally leaving a three minute voicemail. Michel says that it ended up consisting of nothing but “static and noise,” meaning Rudy got lucky this time. But this latest incident points to Rudy having learned nothing from last time, having made no adjustments to keep it from happening again, and being more recklessly and incompetently out of control than ever.

All you have to do is listen to Rudy Giuliani, or read his tweets, to gather that he’s not all there these days. But it’s really starting to look like he’s even further gone than we thought. More to the point, instead of pulling back and playing it safe, he’s pushing ahead and screwing up at an accelerating rate. He’s making it almost too easy for federal prosecutors to take him down.

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