Donald Trump’s Republican Party is in its death throes

The Republican National Convention is set for next week and the kick-start is a perfectly-synched line up of comic book villains. Yes, they’ll play Lee Greenwood in the background and Trump will hug the flag. They’ll talk about freedom and the economy even while the stock market is only aiding the 1% and without a national mask-mandate, everyone is free to die.

Trump slams Goodyear tires, which are made in the US, while congratulating Laura Loomer, the bigot who can’t even get an Uber ride she’s so vile. Welcome to the surreal land that we are all too familiar with by now: Republicanworld.
The Republican Party is in its death throes. Their silence on the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report of Russian ties to the Trump campaign is more than enough to know that none of these – Romney-excepted – politicians care about our country. That Russia and the mob have attempted a stranglehold on our most sacred right, the freedom to a secure vote, is terrifying. The fact that this proof is being brushed under the carpet by the Republican Party is all you need to know about them.

Not every Republican is anti-American, but they are willfully uninformed. They feed on a steady diet of outrage “news” at Fox and Breitbart, and they don’t know any of the facts. While many Republicans are truly toxic, most Americans don’t want foreign interference in our country. So, it’s important to remind them every time, in every discussion, what the bipartisan Senate Intelligence report says: That Trump willfully accepted foreign interference in our election from a hostile foreign power and the mob.

It not a hoax. And it’s all in the report available to all. Keep the link to it handy, and hand it out to every Republican you know. End all arguments with it. It truly is the bottom line. If they don’t see it, they are unsalvageable, and America is unique because they have the freedom to be unsalvageable. But don’t make the mistake that every Republican or conservative is unsalvageable. The Lincoln Project, John McCain’s widow, and many others are doing what’s right. Give others around you the same chance. Hand out that report and tell them Putin is not welcome here.

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