Day like no other

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Some days in history imprint themselves on one’s mind. One of those dates is June 24, 2022. That was the day a group of smug, dishonest extremists chose to overturn Dobbs. Roe fell that day. It is a day that should never be forgotten.

Did they pause, do you think? Did any of these Justices even take one second to think of the upcoming chaos they would be causing? Did they think of the tragic ramifications of their selfish decisions? I very much doubt it. In the aftermath of that decision, Democrats saw wins repeatedly in election after election.

We also saw tragedy. We saw women having to leave the states they lived in to get abortions. We saw CHILDREN assaulted and raped, unable to get the healthcare care they needed for their pregnancies.

We saw women having to carry DEAD FETUSES because — well, just because. That’s just it. There IS no reason. There is no reason — except hate — and control. This is how we started a movement that continues today and will continue until we codify Roe and fix the Extreme Court.

Both of those things can be done if we win big. I often, in my writing, metaphorically describe women as wildflowers. That is because every woman is their petal, has their own fragrance, and bursts into bloom in their own way.

I think there will be much blooming as we move closer to the election, but we can start now. I don’t want to write this article without analyzing what we can do. To say abortion will be on the ballot in November is putting it mildly!

In the meantime, we can let as many people as possible KNOW about what just happened in Arizona. Now, you may think — of course, everyone knows. That’s not the case. I can assure you with confidence that right now, women — women whose VOTES we can GET, sit in their homes in Wisconsin, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Michigan and DO NOT KNOW.

Some have no idea — and would be outraged if they DID know. These are the low-information voters, and every one of us must make efforts to tell people — to keep this in the news, fighting the spectacle of Republicans and their desires to drag us back, back, back in time, to a different century, where women were but souvenirs, chattel, something to be OWNED.

They want to own our freedom, dreams, and individuality but can’t. When a movement takes shape and sparks, it becomes a firestorm. That is what we must have in November — a movement like no other, where crowds and crowds of people descend into the voting centers to vote for the freedom for wildflowers to continue blooming free, blissfully free of republican chokeholds.

Dear Palmer Report readers: contribute $25 and we can win it all: Donate now!