Donald Trump’s most dangerous addiction

The main reason most people refer a sale or a case to a coworker is if it’s small potatoes and they don’t have the time to deal with it. I believe that’s what Special Counsel Robert Mueller did when he referred the case against Michael Cohen to the Southern District of New York. He gave away his crumbs. As earth shattering as the information discovered so far may be, it doesn’t make sense that what we’ve seen so far will end up being the ultimate discovery in Trump’s gold plated swamp.

Addiction is a horrible disease that touches many families in many different ways. Donald’s brother was said to have passed away from an addiction to alcohol, which is why Donald says he doesn’t drink. Meanwhile, Donald has been close friends with and gone to great lengths to protect, vouch for and finance a big time cocaine smuggler.

Donald has also been accused of “powdering his nose” while “President”. If it’s true and Donald does have an addiction to cocaine, I would argue that it’s nothing compared to his other addiction: the thrill of the chase. No amount of money, drugs or women can ever satisfy such an addiction. Once he captures his prey, Donald is like a disappointed dog who finally catches a car and doesn’t know what to do or how to act. He’s wired to chase and keep chasing.


Considering the number of days and nights Donald Trump has had all of the money in the world to chase whatever his heart desires, while getting bailed out by the taxpayers, a sympathetic judge, or a nondisclosure agreement each time he gets hit by a proverbial car, I’m sure that Robert Mueller is anxiously waiting to show off the cars that match the chewed up bumpers he gave to the Southern District of New York. Fasten your safety belts. The worst is yet to come.

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