The exorcism of NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch

While I was watching the town hall on gun violence in schools, I could already see how the “left” and the “right” will play this. The left will say how great and courageous the kids were, and I agree. The right will say that it was a hit job on Dana Loesch and the NRA/2nd amendment in general. The real question for Dana is “Did she do enough to appease her masters at NRA?”

I don’t think they will think so. She floated and backpeddled on the questions asked and looked a fool in the process. A couple other things I took away from the town hall:

• Wow, this Sheriff Israel is a non NRA sheriff. He’s not the picture I had in my mind of what a cop normally is. Normally I subscribe to the thought that a lot (not all) but a lot of cops are high school jocks still searching for meaning and popularity after their high school career ends,but not Israel. He’s a different breed who at least on the surface seems to care.

• Also, these kids are amazing. I dont think I or a lot of my classmates would’ve had the courage and the aptitude for such political thought. Then again school shootings weren’t a thing when I was in school, so I wouldn’t know, and anyone who hasn’t been in that exact situation can’t say they would either.

But back to Dana Loesch, we can only wait and see if the NRA still keeps her as a major spokesperson. I say yeah, unless Tomi Lahren starts posing with AR-15s, getting the dumb rubes to follow a pretty face with a vapid mind like they did with Dana. But hey dont fret Dana, at least you’ve got the beet juice gig to fall back on.

Kc Childs

Just a guy and his dog, looking for truth in a world of fake news