Donald Trump and the NRA vs reality

With the current national obsession about gun control, I feel it’s important to throw out a few facts. The true obsession can be directly linked to Republicans and their love of guns. First, we must understand why the GOP cares so strongly about guns. The NRA is one of the top donors for many of the most relevant and known Republicans in Congress. As they continue to throw around the terms like the Second Amendment, it’s necessary to remember who this enhances, monetarily.

Would it surprise anyone to hear that Donald Trump was given over $30 million by the NRA before the 2016 election? Did anyone notice that, in front of a national audience, Marco Rubio refused to say he’d never accept more money from an agency whose only agenda is selling more guns? Trump and Rubio have made “promises” to do more to advance national gun laws, while neither have committed to put lives over donations.

While this should never be a partisan proposition – valuing hobbies over lives – it’s become apparent that Republicans are not yet willing to upset their big donors in order to attempt to save lives. Marco Rubio was willing to stand on stage, as the world looked on, likely to ensure future donations, but not able to promise those in the audience – made up of survivors of a recent terror attack and parents, mourning the children they lose due to gun violence – that he was willing to stop accepting blood money of the NRA.

The youth speaking out with such emotion and dedication should give us all hope. The past does not dictate the future and things are changing, which should give everyone hope. Perhaps we can finally feel safe again about our kids and future.

I’m a ceramic engineer living in Central New York, avid sports fan but find myself more interested in politics lately.