Donald Trump has total meltdown, curses out Chuck Todd

Now that the last handful of White House advisers with any modicum of control over Donald Trump’s demented behavior have left the building or are on their way out, we’re getting our first glimpse at how Trump will behave once he’s fully unshackled. Today he spoke at a campaign rally in Pennsylvania for the rare Republican special election candidate who’s desperate enough to seek out Trump’s mixed bag of help, and let’s just say that it didn’t go well.

In a sign of just how strangely deranged Trump’s rally speech was going to play out today, one of his remaining staffers accidentally tweeted the word “Epic” on Trump’s official Twitter account while Trump was speaking, and then deleted it seconds later. Of course that errant one word ghost-tweet was far more coherent than most of what Trump was saying on stage at the time.

At one point Donald Trump attacked Congresswoman Maxine Waters, insisting that she had a low IQ. We get why Trump is going after Waters, as she’s been calling for his impeachment. But why attack her IQ? The only thing we can figure is that Trump knew his racist audience would want to hear him attacking a strong black woman over her intellect. Then Trump began ranting about Chuck Todd, at one point calling him a “son of a bitch” among other things. So why was Trump going after Todd?

Our best guess here is that it’s related to former longtime Trump adviser Sam Nunberg’s appearance on Chuck Todd’s MSNBC show this week. Nunberg gave an unstable interview in which he essentially admitted that he thinks Donald Trump is guilty in the Russia scandal. Is Trump blaming Todd for Nunberg’s series of weird confessions? In any case, this is arguably the most unhinged we’ve seen Trump to date, and he’s only likely to unravel further from here.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report