Donald Trump makes major move that makes clear he knows impeachment is coming

Even as Donald Trump’s increasingly paranoid and unstable behavior has strongly hinted that he understands on some level how much political and legal trouble he’s in, there’s always been quite a bit of denial involved. For instance, Trump has hired a bunch of inept lawyers who merely tell him what he wants to hear about the Russia scandal, instead of doing anything to try to protect him. But that has now changed radically, as Trump made a major move today which makes clear that he understands he’s up against the wall.

Trump is now seeking to hire Emmet T. Flood as his new Trump-Russia attorney, according to the New York Times (link). So is Flood just another bumbling buffoon to add to Trump’s cadre of incompetent Trump-Russia lawyers? No, not at all. Instead, Flood has a particular specialty: impeachment. He was Bill Clinton’s attorney while Clinton was being impeached over the Lewinsky scandal. He’s the kind of the guy you bring in when you know you’re in deep trouble. So why now?

We can point to a few different recent developments which may have prompted Donald Trump to, at least momentarily, become cognizant enough to realize that he’s in impeachment-level trouble. His closest adviser Hope Hicks abruptly resigned last week, shortly after Mark Corallo testified to Robert Mueller that he’d heard Hicks promising to suppress Trump-Russia evidence. The series of events sent a strong signal that Hicks is cutting a plea deal against Trump; she could harm him greatly. In other developments, Sam Nunberg began cooperating with Mueller this week. Nunberg’s testimony may force Trump’s close friend Roger Stone to flip on him.

Regardless of what prompted Donald Trump to finally figure out that he’s going to be impeached, he’s now arrived there. Palmer Report has said all along that the Republican Congress won’t move against Trump before the midterms unless his approval rating drops into the twenties. So Trump may be gearing up for impeachment after the Democrats ostensibly take control in the midterms.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report