Donald Trump is a crackhead playing with matches

Over and over and over again, Donald Trump keeps making clear that he doesn’t actually want a military conflict with Iran – he just wants everyone to think he’s going to do it, because it serves as a distraction from his scandals and the end stage of his failed presidency. The trouble is, that doesn’t mean we’re in any way safe.

Last night the New York Times reported that Donald Trump ordered a military strike against Iran, and then after the planes were in the air, changed his mind and called it off. If this were true, it would mean that Trump is so far gone mentally, he needs to be ousted immediately on mental competence grounds. The thing is, it’s obviously – laughably – untrue. Trump ordered the military strike just so he could call it off, then leaked the story so everyone would think he’s considering actually going through with it. This is basic Trump psychopathy 101.

The trouble is, even though Donald Trump obviously doesn’t want a war with Iran – and Iran obviously doesn’t want a war either – Trump’s reckless antics and deranged bluffs could end up unintentionally starting a war. Trump is mentally unstable to begin with, and he’s not the only deranged lunatic with fingerprints on this debacle.

John Bolton’s deep connections to Russian sock puppet Cambridge Analytica are obviously the reason Trump hired Bolton, which by the way took place just days after Cambridge Analytica’s data theft scandal was exposed. But even though Trump does not want a war with Iran, the mere presence of a racist warmonger like Bolton – who was surely only given his job to keep him from cutting a plea deal – means that war is certainly possible. Bolton is the kind of monster who wouldn’t hesitate to try to illegally order military action behind Trump’s back. Yet Trump and Bolton are both Kremlin puppets, and Putin keeps saying he doesn’t want the U.S. to attack Iran, so the whole thing just keeps getting more absurd.

This can’t be stressed enough: no matter how many clueless (or fear mongering) pundits might claim otherwise, Donald Trump plainly obviously does not want a military conflict with Iran. This is fact. But that alone doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Trump is a crackhead playing with matches who has no intention of setting himself on fire – but that doesn’t mean he won’t end up accidentally setting himself on fire anyway.

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