The government of Iran just called Donald Trump’s bluff and exposed how weak he is

For some time now, Palmer Report has been pointing out why Donald Trump is most likely bluffing when it comes to Iran. He doesn’t truly want a messy war; he just wants to use the threat of one to distract Americans from his real scandals – and he wants to eventually be able to claim that he “fixed” the Iran mess simply by dropping his rhetoric. After all, we’ve seen him do the same thing with North Korea. Now Trump’s bluff on Iran has been called.

Iran shot down a U.S. military drone in international waters, thus handing Donald Trump an excuse to ratchet up the tension on his end, if he indeed wanted to. Instead, Trump publicly tried to downplay the whole thing, even going so far as to give Iran an excuse for the incident, saying that “I find it hard to believe it was intentional.” Translation: Trump really, really doesn’t want to have to back up his earlier provocative words with provocative military action. That’s when Iran called his bluff.

Even as Donald Trump was suggesting that Iran didn’t shoot down the drone on purpose, the government of Iran was busy announcing that it very much shot down the drone on purpose. In other words, Iran has figured out that Trump has no intention of taking military action, and so it’s taunting Trump and exposing just how much of a weakling he is. Trump then tried to distract from it by “ordering” a military strike and then immediately changing his mind, in an obvious stunt aimed at creating the appearance that he’s willing to start a war. No one should buy this nonsense.

Why is Iran doing this? The current regime in Iran is far from wholesome to put it mildly – but it’s also clearly shown that has a strong interest in self preservation. Iran isn’t trying to get itself attacked. Instead, Iran has figured out that Donald Trump – who is at the endstage of a failed presidency – is far too weak and vulnerable to even try to pull off a war at this point. Like so many other nations around the world, Iran is using Trump’s crippled weakness as an opportunity to make itself look stronger on the world stage.

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