Donald Trump’s plot with Russia wasn’t collusion. It was treason.

I am going to try to give my perspective on a problem that seems to be embedded in our understanding of the Trump-Russia scandal; The problem I have starts with the word ‘Collusion.’ For me, that word in no way describes what has happened between the Trump Crime Syndicate and the Putin Regime. For me, it is a better description of two girls passing notes in Biology Class.

This was an Attack. By a Hostile Nation who had specific designs to undermine our Election and they sought out an Audience with a Candidate who they believed would do their bidding. The recent Indictments would seem to bear those facts out. The problem is not only the Crime but our perception of what the crime was. The word Collusion, of course, has created a storm of comments from the Fake News Industry which usually starts with: “Collusion is not illegal.”

And who knows? Passing notes in Biology class may not be either. But Conspiring with an Enemy of our Country to affect the outcome of an Election is definitely against the law. We have to collectively stop using the word because all we do is fuel the idea that somehow this is innocent. It wasn’t. This was a plot against our Nation. The only thing we do not know is, who came up with it and where? Did it originate with Trump? Putin? Manafort? But whoever, this was a strategy and it was based on a money making Scheme.

The money was about Trump getting financing, and for Putin to have Sanctions lifted or unenforced by the Next President. It was definitely not Collusion. It was Treason. This was no different than when Benedict Arnold conspired with the British Military to hand over to them West Point. In the end, Arnold took the money and joined the British and then eventually fled to England. We have to make sure these people are brought to Justice. Read more from this author.

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