Donald Trump blows it yet again

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students and some parents of the Parkland and Sandy Hook shooting victims spoke eloquently in a session today at the White House, expressing their anger, sadness and frustration about the unwillingness of the Republican White House and Congress to enact stricter gun control measures.

Though it would have behooved him to remain silent, to the horror of many, Mr. Trump further denigrated the office of President of the United States by suggesting that perhaps teachers and administrators nationwide who receive “proper training” could carry guns to protect students.

So now our embattled leader says more weapons in schools is the answer. But does any sane American believe that Trump really believes this, or is he just saying what is politically expedient at the moment, per the norm? He proffers a “solution” to appease those immediately in front of him yet still panders to the NRA by suggesting that more guns, not fewer, is the answer.

One could say Donald Trump embarrassed himself and the country yet again, but that has been his modus operandi the past four hundred days days he has been in office. Sadly, we’ve all grown accustomed to it. How much lower can the orange clown and his GOP Congressional enablers go? No doubt there’ll be another opportunity for us to find out tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Scotty is the proud dad of one son, a political writer, business owner, pianist, & baseball coach from NW Pennsylvania