CNN’s Wolf Blitzer just nailed what’s wrong with Donald Trump

Whatever you might think of any given host on a network like CNN, the bottom line is that no reasonable person would think of any of these hosts as the “enemy of the people.” Of course Donald Trump is anything but a reasonable person, so he naturally thinks that honest journalism is the enemy.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer nailed what’s wrong with Donald Trump by tweeting a quote today from President Obama’s recent Democratic National Convention speech. It doesn’t mention Trump by name, but it doesn’t have to: “It didn’t get much attention the other night but this line from former President Barack Obama’s convention speech was important: ‘A free press isn’t the ‘enemy’ but the way we hold officials accountable.'”

Meanwhile Donald Trump continues to whine and cry about the media’s positive coverage of Joe Biden’s acceptance speech. If Trump spent less time whining and accusing, and more time leading, he wouldn’t be getting so much negative media coverage of his own.

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