Close ally of Marjorie Taylor Greene confesses to being part of Capitol insurrection

Even as we wait for federal investigators to determine whether the January 6th Capitol invaders had inside help, a number of Republicans in the House and Senate keep falsely insisting that the domestic terrorist attack was actually carried about by “Antifa” while pretending to be Trump supporters.

There are a number of problems with that claim. First, it’s false and laughably absurd. Second, there is no group called “Antifa.” Third, the people who have been arrested thus far have clearly identified themselves as Trump supporters. Fourth, at least some of the invaders have clear ties to House Republicans.

For instance, one of the Capitol invaders is a guy named Anthony Aguero. CNN is reporting that Aguero is a “close ally” of Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene. Further, CNN has documented Aguero’s own words, admitting that the attack was carried out by Trump supporters.

This revelation does not mean that Marjorie Taylor Greene was conspiring with Anthony Aguero. But it does prove that the Capitol invaders came from Greene’s side of the fence. It’ll be up to federal criminal investigators to determine whether or not any members of Congress were specifically coordinating the attack with the invaders.

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