The FBI’s belated Christmas gift to America

Michael Avenatti said it was Christmastime after “President” Donald J. Trump denied having any knowledge of a confidentiality agreement or any hush money used to seal the deal between himself and Stormy Daniels and boy was Avenatti right!

Today, the people of the United States received a belated Christmas present as sweet as the Sugar Plum Faerie. In the process of delivering Donald J. Trump wrapped with a pretty bow to be opened at a later date, the FBI struck a blow right to the heart of everything Trump holds near and dear as it raided the office of Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen in relation to Trump-Russia and Trump-Porn star, Stormy Daniels investigations. Two crimes that could easily land Donald J. Trump in jail if Republicans applied the rule of law evenly to Republican leadership, as they do Democratic leaders.

Records and other sloppy documents concocted by Cohen are related to many issues surrounding Donald J. Trump and his alleged global criminal enterprise were seized. Since “President” Trump denied having knowledge of the actions his lawyer took on his behalf, it means that the privacy expected between his “lawyer” and himself do not apply in the Stormy Daniels case, which could lead to money laundering charges and witness tampering in an effort to undermine the 2016 Presidential election on behalf of Trump. Also, the expectations of any and all attorney client privileges are null and void when it comes to criminal knowledge held by any lawyer on behalf of their clients.


The beauty of the raid on Michael Cohen’s office is that because it took place in New York, which has a State Attorney General cooperating with Robert Mueller, we can expect parallel state charges. “President” Trump can not pardon state charges, and Cohen knows it. Private communications between Cohen and other contacts have also been seized by the FBI, forcing anyone who had improper contact with Cohen to consider reaching out to Robert Mueller before the long arm of the law reaches out to them.

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