After all that today, Sam Nunberg just changed his mind about Robert Mueller’s subpoena

Former longtime Trump adviser Sam Nunberg, whose current relationship with Donald Trump is complicated at best, spent the day giving one bombastic and bizarre television interview after another, insisting that he’s willing to go to prison in order to protect Roger Stone in the Trump-Russia scandal. Now, after putting on one of the strangest performances to date in the strangest criminal scandal in American history, Nunberg just promptly caved.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller sent Nunberg a grand jury subpoena demanding that he turn over all written communications with Roger Stone and others. This prompted Nunberg to spend the day openly defying Mueller on television. But then this evening, MSNBC’s Ari Melber appeared on the Lawrence O’Donnell show and revealed that Nunberg had just told him that he may cooperate with Mueller after all. So wait, was all that for nothing?

Then shortly thereafter, Melber posted yet another update from Nunberg, this time on Twitter: “Nunberg tells me right now 9:51pm: ‘I want the investigators to explain to me what they want me to testify in the grand jury. I’m not interested in facilitating a circumstantial case against Roger Stone.’ He adds he doesn’t plan to go testify Friday: ‘I’m not going.'” Huh?

So at this point Sam Nunberg appears to have no idea what he’s planning to do, and he’s now publicly changing his mind every few minutes. Nunberg appeared to be mentally unstable and on the verge of a total breakdown while he was on the air today, to the point that CNN host Erin Burnett asked him to his face if he was intoxicated. As Palmer Report pointed out earlier, Robert Mueller has a consistent habit of only asking witnesses to turn over emails after he’s already obtained them, as a way of poking and prodding witnesses. So it may not matter to Mueller if Nunberg turns anything over or not. But Nunberg is clearly troubled.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report