What did Sam Nunberg just do to Donald Trump?

With all of the recent indictments and guilty pleas, it’s clear that Donald Trump fears he will be next. Based on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s history, there’s a definitive outcome of this situation. This fact puts fear in Trump every hour of every day. Could this fact have led to the insanity of Sam Nunberg, Trump’s former longtime aide, going on practically every channel short of the Weather Channel today to voice his displeasure at receiving a subpoena to testify before Mueller’s grand jury? While Nunberg has vocally spoken out against Trump, while voicing love and support to his mentor Roger Stone, what are we to actually take away from this insane charade?

While speaking to many people on a multitude of networks, Nunberg has been accused of smelling like alcohol while others in the media hypothesized about him being on other mood altering substances. He even admitted, during a live interview, that he has yet to hear back from his attorney, who he left voicemails for previously in the day. Is this simply a case of something being under the influence and taking out their anger on those he felt slighted by, while not worrying about the consequences?

It’s certainly odd to observe someone, after receiving a subpoena from the man currently investigating whether the sitting president committed treason against his country, threaten to rip up that subpoena and refuse to testify. Is Nunberg really doing this to protect Roger Stone, a man he’s said he considers a family member, or is he attempting to make such a scene in an effort to further distract from the fact that Mueller is closing in on Trump, closer every day?

Whatever the truth is, I think it’s safe to say that Nunberg will eventually testify before Mueller’s grand jury, sooner rather than later. Will he appear to testify this Friday, the date provided in the subpoena? Or will he face jail time due to his refusal and a subsequent contempt of court imprisonment? Regardless of the outcome, Nunberg has certainly provided a good deal of distraction.

I’m a ceramic engineer living in Central New York, avid sports fan but find myself more interested in politics lately.