Nancy Pelosi reveals why the Democrats simply cannot cave to Donald Trump over his government shutdown

We’re now more than a month into Donald Trump’s government shutdown. Nearly a million federal employees are working without getting paychecks. Their bills aren’t getting paid. Their kids are going hungry. Some well-meaning liberals have thrown up their hands in exasperation and suggested that we simply give Trump his border wall in order to get the government reopened. But Speaker Nancy Pelosi revealed why that’s simply not an option.

Here’s the statement that Nancy Pelosi issued on Tuesday night about the matter: “Understand this: if Trump gets away with shutting down the government to get what he wants, he will do this again going forward. He *will* continue to hold workers hostage to his demands.” The cold hard reality is that this is a test on Donald Trump’s part to see if he can blackmail Americans into getting his way – and he won’t stop at doing it simply to get his corrupt pet projects funded.

If America gives Donald Trump his $5 billion ransom money in order to get the government reopened, he’ll shut the government down next month and demand $10 billion to build a new wing onto Trump Tower. The month after that he’ll shut the government down again and start demanding that all criminal charges against him be dropped. Not only would this give Donald Trump essentially unlimited power, it would put federal employees in an even worse position than they’re in now.


Donald Trump’s presidency has failed. He’s on the verge of ouster and an eventual prison sentence. He knows it too. It’s why he’s taken the government hostage in the hope of getting his wall funded, on the premise that he can parlay that victory into breathing new life into his presidency. Caving to this criminal is simply not an option. Doing so would only serve to empower him, and to harm his hostages even more.

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