BuzzFeed comes out swinging with mountain of evidence about Trump Tower Moscow

BuzzFeed has had a strange past few days, after it published a report that Donald Trump instructed Michael Cohen to lie under oath about Trump Tower Moscow, only for Special Counsel Robert Mueller to then announce that unspecified details of the report were incorrect. But now the publication has come out swinging with hard evidence about Trump Tower Moscow.

Donald Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani tried to take things too far by insisting that Trump Tower Moscow was little more than a myth, and that no plans for the project even existed. As per usual, Rudy’s reckless remarks were quickly shot down. On Tuesday evening, BuzzFeed extensively catalogued the “business documents, emails, text messages, and architectural plans” it’s obtained about the Trump Tower Moscow project. This includes a rendering of what the building would specifically look like, Vladimir Putin’s involvement, and more. So why does this matter?

We still don’t know which specific details Robert Mueller was shooting down when he refuted the original BuzzFeed report. But by Rudy’s own recent admission, the Trump Organization and Russia were negotiating Trump Tower Moscow all the way up to election day, which means that Michael Cohen lied under oath about it. We also know that Donald Trump was directly involved in the project, and that Cohen was therefore lying specifically to protect him.


This leaves only the question of whether there is proof that Donald Trump instructed Michael Cohen to lie, and what that proof is. It’s worth keeping in mind that if Robert Mueller were looking to dispute the claim that Trump told Cohen to lie, he’d likely have said as much in exact words. In any case, it’s more clear than ever that the Trump Tower Moscow conspiracy was very much real, and that Team Trump went to great lengths to cover it up.

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