Nice try, Donald Trump, you can’t stop Robert Mueller that way

For the past two years Donald Trump has demonstrated such a lack of understanding of how the law works, how criminal investigations work, how the Department of Justice works, and how pretty much anything works, it’s fair to assume that he’s now trying to shut down the government at least partly because he thinks it’ll stop Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his investigation into Trump’s crimes.

If so, then as with so many other of Donald Trump’s nefarious moves, he’s once again lazily guessed wrong about the consequences. Robert Mueller’s office, which very rarely issues public statements for any reason, sent this brief statement out to the media today: “The [Special Counsel’s Office] is funded from a permanent indefinite appropriation and would be unaffected in the event of a shutdown.”

So there you have it, straight from Mueller’s mouth. The funny part is that he made a point of making this statement, just to make sure that everyone involved – including Donald Trump – is aware that there’s no stopping Mueller at this point.

Donald Trump’s strategy for stopping the Robert Mueller freight train now appears to consist of tweeting the name “Peter Strzok” every few minutes, pretending to build a wall that’s actually a fence that doesn’t actually exist, and hoping the scam toilet guy somehow figures out how to get his oversized head out of his backside. We’re liking Mueller’s odds more and more.

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