Busted: Donald Trump’s people rigged his Nobel Peace Prize nomination

During his incoherent and rambling Rose Garden meltdown late last week, Donald Trump gave away a number of things that would have been better kept to himself. For instance, during a particularly deranged rant about President Obama, Trump revealed that Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe had nominated him for a Nobel Peace Prize. This revelation has quickly led to the whole thing being exposed as a fraud.

Because Prime Minister Abe was suddenly caught in the middle of one of Donald Trump’s international disasters, major Japanese newspaper Asahi has fired back by exposing the real story. It’s true that Abe nominated Trump for a Nobel Peace Prize – but only because the United States government asked Abe to do so. There are almost no words to describe how bad this is for Trump.

There are only two possibilities here. One is that Donald Trump had his people ask Abe to nominate him for the Nobel prize, because Trump was trying to put himself on par with President Obama, who won a Nobel prize while in office. The other possibility is that Trump’s people went behind his back and asked Abe to nominate Trump, in an attempt at making Trump think it happened organically, thus boosting Trump’s flagging spirits.

This is pathetic beyond words. The nomination is, obviously, going nowhere. The Nobel committee has publicly made clear that it considers Donald Trump to be an abomination. And now that Trump has made the nomination public, Japan is firing back by exposing that the Trump regime rigged the nomination by leaving Abe little choice but to do it in order to remain on Trump’s good side. What a joke.