Donald Trump is going to prison

Despite the claims by Fox News and other conservative media, there is nothing that Donald Trump can do to stop the impending end to his illegitimate presidency. While they continue to spew lies and propaganda nightly, such false provocation does nothing more than rile up Trump’s diminishing base. The constant onslaught against the FBI and other American agencies does nothing more than prove that the cult-like following of an illegitimate president brings this nation to a precipice.

While such outlets continue to promote division, hate, and fear, the rest of America longs for a time when helping our fellow neighbors achieve their goals was the preferred outcome. As organizations like Fox News continue to spew what is basically state-run propaganda, it is most important to differentiate legitimate sources of information and those wishing to do us harm.

Ted Deutch, a Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee stated, “There’s enough information already for us to conduct robust oversight hearings. We’ve seen enough from the people who’ve been implicated, indicted, jailed to be awfully busy for the foreseeable future.”

Trump was allowed, for his first two years as president, and decades as a private citizen, to do whatever he wished without worrying about the outcome of his illegal behavior. As Palmer Report has documented, the worst mistake Trump ever made was running for president. Following decades of grooming, Russian President Vladimir Putin required Trump to aspire to the highest office of the land.

Once all of Putin’s plan came together, and his puppet was fraudulently placed in office, the Russian leader was ecstatic. While Putin never believed, along with a vast majority of Americans, that his plan of inserting Trump into the White House would be successful, he felt the payout of his efforts would be well repaid. As Trump now faces criminal and political inquiries into every aspect of his life, he must be asking himself hourly if dying in prison will have been worth it.

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