Donald Trump’s own people begin throwing Eric Trump under the bus

We always knew the Donald Trump regime would end up trying to sacrifice one of Trump’s own family members in the desperate hope of fending off the growing Russia scandal; we just assumed it would be Donald Trump Jr. Instead, at the end of a week in which everything hit the fan for Trump and his people, we’re suddenly seeing a different Trump son being targeted from within: Eric. Since when did he have anything to do with anything?

It all began today when the Trump campaign’s data director Brad Parscale, who has already been tapped as either a witness or a suspect by Trump-Russia investigators, began publicly lashing out at Michael Wolff’s new insider book. The book asserts that the Trump campaign and administration have been a chaotic joke, and that the Trumps themselves were the punchline. Parscale is taking a different tack entirely, crediting the Trump family with everything, while essentially claiming that no one else contributed much of anything. But here’s the weird part.

First, Parscale contradicts the book’s claim that Trump advisers Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway played a key role in working with the Republican National Committee: “Bannon and Conway had nothing to do with this. Eric Trump and I inked this deal. The entire campaign was setup before their arrival.” Wait, since when is Eric Trump involved in anything? But then Parscale keeps going: “Truth: Jared Kushner and Eric Trump were joint deputy campaign managers to Donald Trump. Nobody else. Not one person made a decision without their approval. Others just took credit for this family’s amazing ability. I’m done with all these lies. They will be embarrassed!”

Why is Brad Parscale suddenly trying to specifically credit Eric Trump with having made so many key decisions within the Trump campaign? Eric has been popularly portrayed as a buffoon who doesn’t even understand what’s going on, and there’s never been any publicly available notion that Eric played any important role in the campaign. Yet according to Parscale, the mastermind behind this entire (treasonously criminal) campaign was Eric Trump. Is Parscale pushing Eric to the forefront to make sure he gets scapegoated, or is he too naive to realize he’s making Eric the scapegoat?

Parscale did then go on to make a subsequent Twitter post which credited the entire Trump family, including Ivanka and Donald Jr, for having all supposedly been the geniuses behind the campaign. But why make a point of pushing hapless Eric Trump to the forefront to begin with? Eric is now firmly under the bus, and it’s just been done by a guy who is clearly still loyal to the Trump family in general. Is this the family’s new strategy to get Donald Jr off the hook? Something very weird is afoot here.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report