Lindsey Graham, now directly doing the Kremlin’s bidding, begins publicly defending Russia

Weeks after it became obvious to everyone paying close attention, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham cast aside any remaining pretense today and began acting like a Kremlin agent. He and Chuck Grassley demanded that Trump-Russia dossier author Christopher Steele be subjected to criminal investigation and charges for no reason. Graham then took to Twitter to defend Russia by name, in a bizarre manner.

Graham tried to frame his defense of Russia within a condemnation of North Korea, but it ended up being far too thinly veiled. He tweeted “As to an invitation to the Olympics, I find it odd the Olympic committee has banned Russia but seems eager to get North Korea to participate. If there was ever another country that acted outside the spirit of the Olympic games – it is North Korea.” If he had posted this on any other day, perhaps it could be written off as mere happenstance. But on today of all days, he’s making a point of randomly defending Russia in a conversation that has nothing to do with Russia.

Let’s be clear here: Russia was banned from the Olympics because it systematically cheated in the last Olympics. North Korea has no known record of systematically trying to rig the Olympics. Nations aren’t banned from participating simply because they have rogue or criminal leaders, or the Olympic committee would need to ban a whole host of nations, possibly including the United States now that international criminal Donald Trump is illegitimately acting as President.

Lindsey Graham knows this. His decision to defend Russia while attacking North Korea isn’t lost on anyone. Graham admitted in December of 2016 that his emails had been hacked. Those emails were never released. Someone is still sitting on them. It sure looks like the Russians are now using those emails as leverage to blackmail Graham into committing crimes against Russia’s enemies like Steele, propping up Russia’s puppets like Trump, and even defending Russia on Twitter. Lindsey Graham is acting like a Kremlin asset. If he isn’t one, then why is he trying so hard to act like one?

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report